What if someone you love has fallen and you’re not there?

No one should be left on the floor scared, alone and hurt. Help should always be there- fast.

What's the problem?

Falls cause more than 60% of seniors’ traumatic brain injuries1.

For seniors there can be serious complications from falls if they do not get immediate help: broken bones, cardiovascular complications and mortality.

Falling can also contribute to a loss of confidence and independence, and lead to more people wanting to leave their own homes and go into care.

AgeUK estimate up to one in three over 65s will suffer a fall each year, costing the NHS an estimated £4.6 million a day.

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What needs to change?

Falling over should not take away anyone's freedom.

64% of elderly loved ones do not have any fall detection systems. That is 64% who if they fall, risk serious injury or mortality if help doesn't come in time.

Everyone over 60 should be able to live their life as fully as possible in their own homes. They should be safe in the knowledge that if they fall, help will come, fast.

No one should be left alone on the floor, hoping someone comes to their help.


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Older people want to remain in their own homes

Everyone wants to stay in their own homes and communities. Findings from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has shown that people would rather stay at home, until it is almost impossible for them to remain there, rather than voluntarily moving to residential care. The SCIE has found that most older people view residential care with suspicion, and fear the loss of their independence.

People at risk of falls are often reluctant to discuss it because they fear choices will be made for them and their freedom will be taken away.


We can help them keep their independence for longer, in their own homes.

All our loved ones should be able to live freely without fear of falling in their own homes.

Together, we can ensure everyone we care for is safe, and if they fall we will react immediately.

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