Below are some useful contacts for further information and guidance.


Age UK

Information on falls prevention, exercise classes, and handyman services in some areas at age uk.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy improves physical and mental health, reverses dependency and enhances quality of life for older people with a wide range of conditions. It helps people to stay active and recover from falls, illness and injury.

You can be referred to a physiotherapist by your GP, self-refer in some areas or find a local private physio at physio2u.

NHS Choices

Find valuable leaflets and other resources at NHS healthy bones and NHS falls.

Parkinson's UK

Useful advice for those concerned about falls can be found here at parkinsons.

DG Podiatrist

You can see your GP if you have painful, swollen or tingling feet that are hampering mobility; it's possible something can be done to help.

If foot care is becoming difficult, or you would like support in ensuring the very best foot health then it is best to see a podiatrist.